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A burial service can is a more traditional alternative to a cremation, and can be religious or non-religious. If you would like to speak to someone, you can call J Wagstaff at any time. We serve families across Peacehaven, Saltdean, Brighton and the surrounding areas.

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What to expect

during the burial service

The funeral director will meet your family at their home with vehicles to take you to the funeral venue, or alternatively meet you at the venue where you can join the funeral procession. The funeral service will take place, and the coffin will then be taken to cemetery or burial site, where it is lowered into the ground.

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What paperwork

do I need for a burial?

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Before a burial funeral can take place, you will need to provide certain paperwork. The first thing you’ll need is a burial certificate, also known as the green form, which you will receive when you register your loved one’s death. You will also need a burial plot application form, which can be issued by your local council or cemetery.

Why choose a burial over cremation?

There are a few reasons you may prefer a burial, however it comes down to personal choice. Many religions favour burials, whereas some people simply prefer to have a site that they can visit to remember their loved one. At J Wagstaff, we’ve been helping families find the right options since 1911 and will support you throughout the entire process. Give us a call, any time, day or night, and we’ll help you however we can.

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