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Eco funerals are becoming a more popular choice for people across Peacehaven, Saltdean, Brighton and the surrounding areas. If you or your loved one would like more information, please speak to J Wagstaff.

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a green funeral

The funeral director will meet your family at their home with vehicles to take you to the funeral venue, or alternatively meet you at the venue where you can join the funeral procession. The funeral service will take place, and the coffin will then be taken to cemetery or burial site, where it is lowered into the ground.

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Woodland burials

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A woodland burial is a sustainable way to lay your loved one to rest and protect the woodlands for years to come. Many families find the natural setting to be calm, peaceful and a fitting way to remember the person they love. Please be aware that if you choose this type of burial, you will need to use a 100% biodegradable shroud or coffin. This means that it cannot contain any plastic or metal. We also do not embalm anyone who is being buried in a natural or woodland setting.

Grave markings in woodland sites

The location of the grave will be recorded, and a small wooden or natural stone marker will be left in place of a headstone. Most natural burial sites have an area where you can plant a tree or shrub in memory of your loved one. At J Wagstaff, we can recommend suitable sites across East Sussex to help you find the perfect place to put them to rest.

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