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New Brighton Beach in Christchurch, New Zealand


Also known as ‘direct cremations’, our unattended funerals provide a more low cost option that lets you say goodbye in your own way. To discuss the available options, contact J Wagstaff. We have branches in Peacehaven, Saltdean and Brighton.

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What is a

direct cremation?

A direct cremation is a simple service which no one attends. Our funeral directors will take the deceased directly to the crematorium. After the service, we can return their ashes to you for you to do with as you wish. As there isn’t a formal service with people in attendance, unattended funerals are our lowest cost option. Even though this is a cheaper service, rest assured we will still treat your loved one with the respect and dignity they deserve.

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Don’t let finances

affect their funeral

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We don’t want to anyone to have to worry about the cost of a funeral. Making the ceremony more simple helps to significantly reduce the cost, freeing up finances for something more personal such as a social gathering or get together for close friends and family, where you can remember your loved one. Our experienced team are on hand to help with any paperwork and will make sure that everything is dealt with.

We offer a range of funerals including:

  • Religious

  • Non-religious

  • Cremations

  • Multi-faith funerals

  • Burials

  • Eco funerals

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An unattended funeral lets you focus on what’s important

Contact J Wagstaff in Peacehaven for more information

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