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At J Wagstaff, our independent funeral directors in Peacehaven can arrange multi-faith funerals which incorporate beliefs from a number of different backgrounds. Get in touch to discuss the arrangements.

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Arranging a funeral

that’s right for them

So many people come from a diverse background with many belief systems that a single faith ceremony might not be representative of their religious background. A J Wagstaff, we help families across Peacehaven, Saltdean and Brighton incorporate elements of different religions into an inter-faith funeral. We can help you plan and organise the service, making any alterations to include other beliefs or religions.

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a personal service

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Incorporating small changes to acknowledge different faiths can help to create ceremony that truly represents a person. This can include readings, prayers or chants to make the service more meaningful. Inclusivity is important, so if you would like us to make any changes or additions, such as reading out an English translation, please let us know and we’ll be happy to accommodate these as best we can.

What to bear in mind:

  • Think about the person, the things they loved and what was important to them

  • Let us know about their background – we can suggest celebrants who we think are a good match

  • Changing or adapting elements people may be unfamiliar with can help to make everyone feel included in the service

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We can help you arrange an inclusive multi-faith funeral

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